Change Animated favicon to Blogger blog

Change favicon of blogger

Changing the favicon of your blog is a simple trick. By default, blogger puts the blogger orange color logo to favicon. This can change to your blog logo.
Favicon appears next to the URL or title in the browser. If you have a logo of your blog then you can simply upload to blogger. Else there are many sites providing free favicon generator. See Netoops blog favicon on the top your browser.
Follow the instructions below.

  • Go to Design->Page Elements
  • You can see a small bar with blogger icon and a link EDIT click it.

  •  Then select your blog’s logo by clicking Browse and click on Save.

Insert Animated Favicon

You can also insert Animated gif favicon.

  • Go to Favicon Generator
  • Upload your blog’s logo and give scrolling text then click Generate favicon

It will generate your animated favicon, right click on the icon shows there and Save it.Then upload to root of website or upload to free image uploading sites like tinypic you will get the link to an image from there.

  • Go to Design->Edit HTML
  • Copy the following inside <head>
<link href=’PLACE YOUR FAVICON LINK HERE’ rel=’icon’ type=’image/gif’/>
  • Then click save.

If any problem with this please inform via comment.Feel free to ask.

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