Create an Official Google plus Page to drive traffic

Google launched Google pages for Google plus.It is a business solution for promoting products,blogs,news,events etc.. to your fans.Another important feature is it will increase your blog’s traffic.Now i am saying about how to create an official Google+ Fan Page for your Blog.You can share your blog posts,events,photos etc to your Google Official plus fan page.It is almost similar to Facebook Fan Page.
Lets see how to create it.(Description with images)
Follow the instructions

Create official Google+ page

You must have a Google plus Account to create Fan page.

  • Sign In to your Google account and go to this LINK
  • Click on Product or Brand
  • Give the name of page you need to create(Blog/Site Name)
  • Choose Website from the list
  • Make sure you check the box below it
  • Click on CREATE

  •  The give your blog title and upload your Blog LOGO, If you have no LOGO for Blog click HERE
  • Click on Continue
  • Page creation is almost finished.Now you can share your Google+ page by click on Share on Google+
  • Click on finish ..Done..your page has been created sucessfully.

How to add Google+ Badge to your Blog

After finishing creating page ,you can see a button Get the Badge, Click it

  • It will redirect to the page like following picture.
  • you can see your page link,you can share it.
  • Choose the style of your G+ badge
  • After that if you want check the box HTML5 valid syntax
  • Then Copy the code in  the text box
  • Go to your Blogger Dashboard
  • Select Design->Page Elements click on Add Gadget
  • A pop up window will appear look it carefully and find HTML/JavaScript
  • Enter gadget title(eg:Share in Google Plus) and Paste the code on the content textbox
  • Click on SAVE..,Done..

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