Google Tez App Referral Offer Today → Earn Rs.9000 in a Month

Getting a supercool Digital Payment Service and cash back on every transaction via that Payment service is Awesome.

Here introducing Google Tez – Money made simple.

What is Google Tez? A Quick Intro.

Tez App By Google Offer

Tez is a Simple Mobile Payment service that operates atop of UPI (Unified Payment Interface) developed by National Payments Corporation of India. It can only be used via App, it is available on Android and iOS phones and supporting almost all major languages in India.

You have to add your bank account in the app to make things easy. Literally, it’s a digital wallet and the payments to your UPI ID / Phone Number is directly transferred to your linked bank account.

Another feature of this app is if you want to transfer money to one who is near to you, there is no need to share personal details to share for payments instead uses Audio QR Codes that communicates with another nearby user’s device via sounds in an inaudible frequency to the human ear.

How to register in Tez App By Google?

  • Install the app from App store, you can use this link.

After installing Google Tez App

  • Select Language  😕 
  • Enter the mobile number which is registered with your bank.
  • On the next screen, you can see the Google account(s) signed in with your device (I know you signed in at least one google account with your phone if it’s Android-powered 😛 ).
    • Select the account that you need to link.
    • Next, either Google Tez finds and show the bank account that is linked with your number (Google Products are intelligent than what we think  😈 ) otherwise you have to add bank account manually (Trust me, it is quite simple as sending an SMS 🙂 ).
  • If you already registered UPI with your bank account then enter the UPI Pin on the next screen.
    • If you haven’t registered before, you have to set a UPI Pin.
  • Everything is set. You are ready to Rock.
Google Tez installation steps

Google Tez installation steps

How to get Tez App Rs.51 Offer?

This is a Giveaway offer from Google Tez Team. Yeah, there are more offers to come.

This introductory offer gives you Rs. 51 when you register and make the first transaction (you can do as low as Rs. 1 transaction to get eligible for cashback) using Google Tez to an another app user (Don’t have a friend with Google Tez account?, Don’t worry we are here.)

Let’s see how to that offer, this simple trick works  😉

  • Simply send Rs. 1 to any of your friend who has Google Tez account. If you don’t have you can send Rs. 1 to us (UPI ID: [email protected]).

How to transfer money to another Tez user?

In the home screen of the App, you can see a New button under Payments tab – Tap on it.

Tez New Button Now you can see two options there, one is Account Number and other is UPI ID, QR, Phone.

  • Select second option “UPI ID, QR, Phone” then type our Google UPI ID [email protected]” or your friend’s UPI ID there and tap on verify.
  • It will show you the Netoopsblog Account to confirm it, Tap Ok.
  • Type the Amount as Rs.1 and type any description.
  • Then Click on Proceed to Pay.
  • Enter the UPI Pin that you have set in before.
  • Your transaction is done.

How to Pay Rs.1 and get Rs.51 cashback? – Image

The Full Payment transaction process steps are figured in the following image.

Transfer money to another Tez account

Transfer money to another Tez account

Congratulations! You have successfully completed your first transaction on your Google Tez Account.

Go back to the home screen of your App and tap on “Rewards” to see the cashback you earned. You can see Rs. 51 on the Total Rewards. The Rewards (cashback) you have earned is credited directly to your bank account linked with Tez account.  Next, let us start earning something more, Let’s see.

Get Tez App Rewards up to Rs.9000 via Refer and Earn?

Earning more than Rs.51 requires some more brain work. This is a typical Refer and Earn method. The simple logic behind that is in the name itself.

Invite your Friends and Push them to use the product and get Rewards on using the Product.

So, Recommend Tez App to your beloved friends and help Google to grow 😛 .

You can refer Tez App to your friends by sharing their Refer Link.

  • Tap on Offers on the App home screen.
  • Select Invite friends to Tez and tap on Invite Friends button.
  • Share the Invite Link through Whatsapp or via other social media platforms.
Tez App Refer and Earn

Tez App Refer and Earn

How to get Tez App Offer Cashback up to Rs.1000?

This is a Lucky game. If you transfer money more than Rs.50 to your friend via Tez App then you will get a scratch card. Yeah, dude, you will get a scratch card and you have to scratch it to know the cashback. PS: Don’t Scratch that card with Blade 😀 .

Follow these simple steps to get a chance to win cashback up to Rs. 1000

  • Tap on Offers from the home screen.
  • Slide to Left to see the Offer of Win cashback up to Rs.1000.

In the home screen of the App, Tap on New button under Payments tab to do a payment. Tez New Button

  • Select option “UPI ID, QR, Phone” then type your friend’s UPI Id to transfer more than Rs.50 (Find a friend whom you can trust 😛 )
  • If you can’t find a friend you can trust us. our Google Tez UPI ID [email protected] there and tap on verify.
  • Tez will show you the Netoopsblog Account to confirm it, Tap Ok.
  • Type the Amount as Rs.50 and type “Cashback Transaction. Give Me Back.” as the description to let us know that this transaction is for getting 1Lakh cashback offer so that we can transfer it back to you. You can trust – We will transfer back to you.
  • Then Click on Proceed to Pay.
  • Enter the UPI Pin that you have set in before.
  • Your transaction is done. You will get a notification “You have earned scratch cards” within no time.

Tap on offers, there you can see the scratch cards you have earned. Tap on Scratchcard from the App and scratch it. If you are lucky you can get more cashback everytime you do a transaction more than Rs.50 to a new friend.

How to get Tez App Offer Cashback up to 1 Lakh?

This offer can be combined with the above Cashback offer of getting up to Rs.1000.

If you transfer Rs.50 or more to a friend you will get both Rs.1000 scratch card and 1Lakh scratch card. But,

  • 1 Lakh scratch card will be drawing on Sundays.
  • You will get Rs.1000 scratch card every time when you do a transfer to a new friend.


02/10/2017: We have noticed that the Tez App access the handset location. So, If you transfer money to a friend nearby you the chances of getting cash back will be very low.  Transfer money to a friend who is far from you.

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