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Getting a supercool Digital Payment Service and cash back on every transaction via that Payment service is Awesome.

Here introducing Google Tez – Money made simple.

What is Google Tez? A Quick Intro.

Tez App By Google Offer

Tez is a Simple Mobile Payment service that operates atop of UPI (Unified Payment Interface) developed by National Payments Corporation of India. It can only be used via App, it is available on Android and iOS phones and supporting almost all major languages in India.

You have to add your bank account in the app to make things easy. Literally, it’s a digital wallet and the payments to your UPI ID / Phone Number is directly transferred to your linked bank account.

Another feature of this app is if you want to transfer money to one who is near to you, there is no need to share personal details to share for payments instead uses Audio QR Codes that communicates with another nearby user’s device via sounds in an inaudible frequency to the human ear.

How to register in Tez App By Google?

  • Install the app from App store, you can use this link.

After installing Google Tez App

  • Select Language  😕 
  • Enter the mobile number which is registered with your bank.
  • On the next screen, you can see the Google account(s) signed in with your device (I know you signed in at least one google account with your phone if it’s Android-powered 😛 ).
    • Select the account that you need to link.
    • Next, either Google Tez finds and show the bank account that is linked with your number (Google Products are intelligent than wh