Increase blog traffic using powerful meta tags

This is a very useful article for all bloggers,every blogger had a dream that their blog got higher rank in Google or other search engines.Adding meta tags to your blogger blog help you to increase blog traffic.The meta tag helps the search engine to find appropriate results,This is a powerful Search Engine optimization(SEO) method used by popular websites and blogs.
Within a few steps you can add powerful meta tags by following the below steps

  • Sign In to your Blogger Account
  • Take Design tab in your blog dashboard
  • Select Edit HTML
  • Add the following code inside <head> section

<b:if cond=’data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl’>
<meta content=’Place blogger description here‘ NAME=’description’/>
<meta content=’Place your blog’s keywords here(seperated by commas)

Replace the Red text by your blog’s description and keywords and place it inside <head> section.Now your blogger blog meta tags are placed.The Blogger description you placed in meta tag description will display as the description of your blog in Google search results(as shown in the figure).

Now day by day there are so many blogs are arriving on internet.This powerful meta tag technique will help you to go your blog success.

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