Ladooo Free recharge App Rs.80 now **Exclusive Referral Offer

Summary: This is an article about a free recharging app called Ladooo, simply earn free talk time by just for downloading apps and get recharged if the wallet is filled with minimum payout balance of Rs.20.
In my previous article, I mentioned about a free recharging app called mCent can earn talk time by simply downloading apps and can get recharged when min. wallet balance is Rs.10. Here there is another app called Ladooo which is as same as mCent. Ladoo has lots of offers and is one of the highest paying apps for downloading apps. And also gives Rs. 80(may vary from the time) for referring friends to Ladooo. Let’s see how to earn free recharges from Ladooo.

Features of Ladoo

  • More App Offers
  • Highest paying on each app
  • UI is awesome
  • At least download and use 2 apps (use each downloaded app at least 30sec)
  • Claim missed referral option (if you didn’t get the referral amount of any of referred)
  • Minimum payout is Rs.20

How to get talktime in Ladooo

Click the below link to download and install

Download Ladooo

  • Install app and open it
  • Signup with the Ladooo app after signup click Get Started
  • After successful signup, you will get a list of apps
  • Click and install at least 2 apps (If you install one app you should open and stay in the app for 30sec and come back to Ladooo to get credited).
  • Open and Stay in the app for 30sec
  • Back to Ladoo – Wallet will be credited with the preferred amount.

Wish you the best to earn maximum recharges from Ladooo. If this article helps you to earn little much money don’t forget to share and like 😉 Happy Recharging!

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