Awesome Recent Comments Widget for Blogger, Feed Comments

Awesome Recent Comments Widget for Blogger, Feed Comments

Recent Comments Widget can be used to display the latest Comments in the blog. Comments are the best way to make a good contact with your blog visitors and followers. By default, Blogger added commenting System to Blogger blogs. Recent Comments Widget will inspire your blog visitors to post a comment on your Blog. If you don’t like to read fully about this widget or Are you hurry to add this widget to your blog go to “How to add Recent Comments Widget to Blogger Blog”.

There are many changes made to Blogger Commenting System. At the earlier time the basic commenting System was used then it changed to Threaded Comments (Others can reply to one comment), it can be changed back to basic blogger Commenting System. All Blogger blogs are using Threaded Comments System. Now another type of commenting System was introduced in Blogger Blogs, Google+ commenting System.
The Recent Comments Widget also inspire your blog visitors to post a comment. Your visitors may be interested to see their names on other blogs. If their comment is good, it will catch other visitors eyes and they also may have wished to do comment.
The Recent Comment Widget shows the Commentators name with Profile link followed by the Post name and followed by their Comment. This Widget can be added to Sidebar or Footer or anywhere which catches the visitors eyes. This Widget was coded using JavaScript and you can also change the style of Widget according to your template.

Wish to see Demo?
Recent Comments Widget

How to Add Recent Comments Widget?

  • Sign In to Blogger Dashboard
  • Select Layout -> Click on Add a Gadget
  • Take HTML/Javascript from the list
  • Give the Title and Copy the below code to it and Save
function showrecentcomments(json) {
for (var i = 0; i < a_rc; i++) {
var b_rc = json.feed.entry[i];
var c_rc;
if (i == json.feed.entry.length) break;
for (var k = 0; k <; k++) {
if ([k].rel == 'alternate') {
c_rc =[k].href;
c_rc = c_rc.replace("#", "#");
var d_rc = c_rc.split("#");
d_rc = d_rc[0];
var e_rc = d_rc.split("/");
e_rc = e_rc[5];
e_rc = e_rc.split(".html");
e_rc = e_rc[0];
var f_rc = e_rc.replace(/-/g, " ");
f_rc =;
var g_rc = b_rc.published.$t;
var h_rc = g_rc.substring(0, 4);
var i_rc = g_rc.substring(5, 7);
var j_rc = g_rc.substring(8, 10);
var k_rc = new Array();
k_rc[1] = "Jan";
k_rc[2] = "Feb";
k_rc[3] = "Mar";
k_rc[4] = "Apr";
k_rc[5] = "May";
k_rc[6] = "Jun";
k_rc[7] = "Jul";
k_rc[8] = "Aug";
k_rc[9] = "Sep";
k_rc[10] = "Oct";
k_rc[11] = "Nov";
k_rc[12] = "Dec";
if ("content" in b_rc) {
var l_rc = b_rc.content.$t
} else if ("summary" in b_rc) {
var l_rc = b_rc.summary.$t
} else var l_rc = "";
var re = /<\S[^>]*>/g;
l_rc = l_rc.replace(re, "");
document.write('<div class="rcw-comments">');
if (m_rc == true) document.write('On ' + k_rc[parseInt(i_rc, 10)] + ' ' + j_rc + ' ');
document.write('<span class="author-rc"><a href="' + c_rc + '">' +[0].name.$t + '</a></span> commented');
if (n_rc == true) document.write(' on ' + f_rc);
if (o_rc == 0) {
} else {
document.write(': ');
if (l_rc.length < o_rc) {
} else {
l_rc = l_rc.substring(0, o_rc);
var p_rc = l_rc.lastIndexOf(" ");
l_rc = l_rc.substring(0, p_rc);
document.write(l_rc + '&hellip;&#8221;</i></div>');
<script style="text/javascript">var a_rc=5;var m_rc=false;var n_rc=true;var o_rc=100;</script><script src=""></script> <a style="display:none" href=>Recent Comments Widget</a><style type="text/css"> .rcw-comments a {text-transform: capitalize;} .rcw-comments {border-bottom: 1px solid #666; padding-top: 6px!important; padding-bottom: 6px!important;} </style>
  • Change the website Red highlighted URL to your blog URL in “” highlighted with your blog name

If you want different Styles for this Widget, Please visit again I will post soon.

Another Way to add Recent Comments Widget

  • Go to Layout -> Click on Add a Gadget
  • Select Feed from the list and give the following URL

  • Change the RED marked portion with your Blog URL

A Window will appear and shows demo, there are some options, you can select the options for adding comment date, commenter name etc.. Using this method you have only limited options.

  • Click Save

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